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Stay Warm This Winter

You may face several complications if you have an old furnace. You often do repairs when your furnace is not functioning properly. For a defective boiler, you need to pay attention to its maintenance. Here are the points to note that a well-maintained boiler will be more efficient, and you don’t need to fix it repeatedly.

Check the Water Level

You should check the fluid level at least twice a year. With low fluid levels the boiler could be in trouble. It would be risky not only for your family but for the things around it too. In case fluid level is lower than balance level, you’ll have to check fittings to make sure if they are working properly or not.

Check the Ventilation

Boilers can’t work efficiently if air vents are blocked. Take a vacuum to your boiler every so often to keep it clean and free of dust. You need to follow proper ventilation instructions from your boiler’s manufacturer.

Check the Flame

A blue flame of the boiler means that it is defective and you need the assistance of a Gas Safe engineer. If it’s showing yellow or orange flame, don’t worry! Your boiler is working fine.

Check for Gas Leaks

Gas or fuel somehow finds a way to leak through orifices. If you detect any damage or outdated part, then call professionals for its replacement. They will thoroughly examine the parts to fix the leakage problem. It is recommended to get the faulty parts fixed as early as possible because carbon monoxide could prove to be hazardous for you and your loved ones.

The Pressure Valve

In some scenarios, you will see water dripping out of pipes. It usually happens when the boiler has overflowed or may have been working for a long time. Pressure release valves are the problem causing elements in scenarios like this. Get the assistance of any skilled fixer to resolve this issue immediately.

Check for Cracks in the Body

If you have a defective boiler then definitely rusted body metal would have some cracks. It may result in leakage due to cracks and chinks. So if boiler’s body is fragile, then the first optimal solution is to replace that immediately rather than repairing multiple times.

Flush the System

It is suggested that boiler water be flushed out once or twice each year. This practice should be done after winter when its usage is at its peak, and there would be debris and dust accumulated around the internal parts of the boiler.

Annual Check Up

An annual inspection should be done by gas safety engineers who are already dealing with such hitches in an efficient manner. Boiler service should be done by professionals.

How To Get The Best Out of Your Boiler

Annual boiler upkeep is a crucial way of ensuring that your heating system will last for at the very least as long as it is meant to. If you are uncertain with regards to executing any of the maintenance tasks by yourself, then you must get an experienced heating engineer to visit to do an inspection for you. These inspections are likely to be inexpensive and are worth the money to make certain that your heating system will continue to function at peak performance.

Many local plumber Vancouver heating companies are licensed for gas work and qualified to service all types of boiler systems. Most of these contractors are experienced in residential and commercial boiler systems. Do a little research before committing.



Save Water By Stopping Simple Plumbing Leaks

Simple plumbing tweaks to save water is the best way to reduce water costs and conserve for the environment. There are several simple thing that you can do right at home to save water, with ideas ranging from replacing old water heaters to fixing leaks.

Care and Maintenance

One of the most important things that you can do to conserve water is to make sure that you plumbing is in good working order. Hidden leaks can cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars a year. To see if you have hidden leaks you can check your water meter, then stop using water in the house for a few hours. If the meter has changed after two or three hours, you probably have a hidden leak. Any good plumbing company can assist you in locating any hidden leaks and fixing pipes that are old, damaged or corroded. Reducing water pressure to your home may also help you save water.

Reducing the water pressure to your home does make it take a few moments longer to fill containers, but when washing your hands or performing other tasks you don’t need to have high water pressure. You can reduce the water pressure by simply turning the main water valve down slightly. Low flow shower heads, efficient toilets and other low pressure and low water usage appliances can be vital to reducing water usage.


Delaying a needed repair can be very costly, even when dealing with leaks that are the size of a pinhole. Any leaks that you discover should be repaired as soon as possible to conserve water. Along with fixing leaks when they happen you can also protect your water pipes by insulting them in colder weather. Insulated pipes are far less likely to burst, which can result in the loss of hundreds of gallons of water very quickly.

Taking a few moments during the spring and winter to check your pipes can save you from paying for wasted water. With all plumbing tips to save water, good maintenance and preparation can really reduce the amount of water you use. When combined with low flow appliances you have additional savings and conservation at work in your home.

Simple Tricks

Some techniques for saving water are simple and affordable. For example, a brick in the back of your toilet can reduce the amount of water used for each flush. You can also conserve more by installing instant hot water heaters under each sink. These new hot water on demand devices work to reduce the amount of time needed for hot water to reach the sink from the main hot water tank which conserves energy and water.

Over time, the smallest plumbing tips to save water can add up to thousands of dollars in savings. If you decide that you want a local plumber to do a routine inspection on your pipes, this plumbing company in North Vancouver is an honest company and will fix any small issues on the spot.…