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Dryer Vents

There are a number of reasons why clothes dryer vents should be cleaned every year, so let’s get right down to the big one: a dirty clothes dryer vent is a fire waiting to happen.

There are other reasons, of course, such as the reduced efficiency – and added energy costs – associated with a clogged dryer vent, but it is the fire hazard that should scare you the most. In fact, there are typically around 2,000 home fires in Canada each and every year caused by dirty dryer vents. Surely this is one risk you don’t want to expose your family to. As hot, damp air is prevented from escaping your home due to a clogged vent, it circulates inside your home causing mold and allergy issues to become more serious as well.

Additionally, as the dryer’s ability to exhaust hot moist air becomes compromised, you risk damage to the dryer itself.

How do Dryer Vents Become Clogged?

Dryer vents become clogged due to lint from clothing, human and pet hair and miscellaneous stuff we leave in the pockets of our clothes when they go into the laundry. The dryer’s job is to extract moisture from the clothes that have come out of the washing machine, and it does this by tumbling the contents while blowing hot air through them. This moist, hot air has to be vented out of the home through a dryer vent and the hot air carries with it the lint and the hair and the shredded bits of facial tissues from our pockets.

Some of this material becomes trapped in the vent, eventually reducing airflow and causing a dramatic increase in temperature inside the vent. At some point this over-heated air can cause combustion of the dust and debris trapped in the dryer vent.

Signs Your Dryer Vent May be Clogged

  • Clothes are damp and unusually hot after a cycle
  • Heavy fabrics take more than one cycle to dry
  • Windows mist up in the house when the dryer is used
  • The outside vent isn’t opening while dryer is on

What can you do?

  • Clean your dryer’s lint trap after every cycle
  • Check the outside vent to make sure it isn’t clogged (birds and rodents may even make a nest in the vent)
  • Only use your dryer when you are at home
  • Have your dryer serviced and the vents cleaned every 12-to-18 months (sooner if you have a large family)

Dryer Vent Materials Available Today

This last item – regular cleaning and maintenance – should be done by professionals to ensure that your family’s and your home’s safety and that your dryer runs efficiently for many years. Call today for a free estimate.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service – Reduce the Risk of Lint Fire

Dryer vents need to be cleaned every 12 – 18 months to keep the vent free of obstruction and reduce the risk of a house fire caused by a clogged dryer vent